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New Revenue Streams

Stand out in your community with niche enrichment-based services. Select from a top 10 list of options that you can easily implement after the workshop with your current staff and space.

Attract the Right Fit Client

Your mission is to provide excellent care quality so how do you attract the client that values your services and is willing to pay for it? Get tips on how to market to your target client and measure the success of your marketing strategies. 

Sharing is Selling

Empower your existing team to become comfortable selling through education. Share value of your services and retail selection without being salesy to boost revenue and profits.

Language Matters

Attract and retain A-team players with a culture based on positive dog and people management techniques. Cultivate relationships to build a team of pet care professionals that take pride in their work with pets and clients.

Grow Better Leaders

Building and managing teams the past few years has been hard! Your passion and resiliency has been tested but not broken. Learn tips on how to flow through the arc of leadership and prevent burn-out.

Workshop and Breakout Session Topics

Learn and Workshop

Spend time working on the details of implementing learning and ideas shared during the workshop.

Select from 10 breakout sessions two that you want to deep-dive planning to implement when you get home.

You’ll get two 30-minute sessions to get more details and input on how to put what you learn into action.

Breakout topics include…

  • Puppy Program/Senior/Geriatric Dogs
  • Enrichment Center
  • Retail
  • Memberships
  • Marketing Data Collection & Decision Making
  • Marketing Client Database & Pipeline
  • Front Desk Scripts & Upsells
  • Grooming Growth
  • Business Valuation
  • Design & Build Considerations

And More...

  • Blue-9 Dog Demo to learn new activities you can implement in your center
  • Panel discussions- learn from other business owners about tried-and-true measures they have already implemented
  • Workshop time - so you will take home a plan for implementation of the best practices for new revenue streams, sales growth and marketing strategies
  • Networking, networking, networking
  • Valuable time to talk to The Dog Gurus preferred vendors
  • And prizes, prizes and more prizes!

Get Ready for Growth...

Amazing Topics, Incredible Speakers

Keynote Speaker

It all starts with leadership

Amber Burckhalter’s keynote will inspire you and your managers to focus on the benefits of a positive culture for the pets and your staff.

Amber Burckhalter, following the successful sale of her business and a well-deserved sabbatical, is elucidating the path to business success through her consulting business, Amber Burckhalter Consulting.

With over 25 years of experience in pet care, business ownership, and strategic development, Amber's extensive background uniquely positions her to offer substantial insights into small business strategy and development. Leveraging her expertise in pet business ownership and coaching, Amber provides invaluable insights, fostering success and growth for entrepreneurs through a dynamic approach that combines practical expertise and strategic guidance. Her many accolades, including the APDT’s Chairman's Award and the coveted SBDC Small Business of the Year Award reflect her commitment to excellence.

Amber's dynamic and actionable approach has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant, captivating audiences with profound insights into the delicate balance between animals, their people, and business.

Nurturing Success: The Power of Positive Reinforcement in Workplace Culture

  • Discover the profound impact positive reinforcement techniques can have on fostering a culture of success and employee well-being.

  • Explore practical strategies and real-world examples that showcase the effectiveness of positivity in enhancing workplace engagement, productivity, and overall excellence.

  • Journey into creating a workplace environment where positivity thrives, and success becomes a natural outcome.

  • Perfect for leaders, managers, and anyone keen on cultivating a positive and thriving workplace.

Workshop Speakers

Susan Briggs, CPACO, MA 
Co-founder, The Dog Gurus

Sarah Horn

The Dog Gurus, CEO, PCC

Professional Certified Coach

Kari Campbell

Business Growth and

Lead Coaching Guru

Founder of Dog Tired K9 Activity Center

Shawnté Marquez

Head of Growth and

Profit Network Coach

Founder of Joyful Paws Pet Hotel & Daycare

Courtney Emken

Profit Network Coach

Co-Founder of DogBoy's Dog Ranch

Ed Kaczmarek

Profit Network Coach, CPACP
Co-Founder of Urban Pooch Canine Life Center

Anna Radle

Profit Network Coach, Founder of Fieldstone Animal Inn

Samantha Palya

Profit Network Coach, Founder of Absolutely Pawfect Pet Styling 

Dawn Hoverson

Profit Network Coach,

Founder of The Posh Paw Resort

Teija Heikkilä

Pet|Vet M&A, Sales & Advisory

Jeff Adney

TWC, Terwisscha Construction

Jamie Popper

Blue-9 Pet Products

Eric Doering

TWC, Terwisscha Construction

Tim Parsons

TWC, Terwisscha Construction

Workshop Agenda

April 10, 2024

8:00 AM                 Opening/Introductions

8:45 AM                 Nurturing Success: The Power of Positive Reinforcement in Workplace Excellence

                              Keynote Speaker: Amber Burckhalter


9:45 AM                Growth Panel: Business members sharing their experiences.

10:30 AM              Break/Sponsor & Supporter Time

11:00 AM              Top 10 Revenue Generators

                              Presented by Susan Briggs & Samantha Palya


11:30 AM              Lunch

1:00 PM               Attracting the Right Fit Client - Positive & Proud

                              Presented by Courtney Emken & Shawnte Marquez 

1:30 PM               Sales Conversions (Staff Roles, Staff Training & Retail)

                              Presented by Dawn Hoverson & Ed Kaczmarek


2:00 PM              BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Choose two 30 minute sessions to attend)

       Session 1: Puppy Programs/Senior/Geriatric Dogs

       Session 2: Adding Enrichment to Your Pet Care Center

      Session 3: Membership Programs

      Session 4: Retail

      Session 5: Marketing Client Database & Pipeline / Data Collection & Decision Making

      Session 6: Grooming Growth

       Session 7: Front Desk Scripts & Upsells, Reservation Specialists

      Session 8: Business Valuations by Pet|Vet

       Session 9: Design Considerations by Terwisscha Construction


3:00 PM                Break/Sponsor & Supporter Time

3:30 PM                It Takes a Village

                              Presented by Anna Radle

4:00 PM                Unlocking Growth: Strategies for Business Success

                              Presented by Pet|Vet Teija Heikkilä

5:00 – 6:00 PM     Wrap-up, Day 1 Prize drawings (must be present to win)          

      Sponsor & Supporter Time


6:30 - 8 PM           General Networking Reception

April 11, 2024

8 - 8:30 AM  Sponsor Time

8:30 AM                Opening/Introductions

8:45 AM                Unleash Your Leadership Potential

                              Presented by Sarah Horn


9:30 AM                Leadership Panel: Industry leaders sharing their experiences.

10:00 AM              Break/Sponsor & Supporter Time

10:30 AM              Preparation & Communication - Set-up for Success when an Emergency Arises

                              Presented by Kari Campbell


11:15 AM              Lunch

12:45 PM              Sponsor & Supporter visits


1:00 PM                Positive Relationships in Your Community

                              Presented by Cindie Carter & Kari Campbell


1:45 PM                Trick of the Month - Dog Training Made Simple

                              Presented by Jamie Popper Blue-9 Pet Products


2:30 PM                Grand Prize Drawings & Close

3:00 -4:00 PM       Sponsor & Supporter Time, Event Ending


April 9, 2024 (Bonus Optional Day)

Note: Bonus day for those who signed up!

9:00- 5 PM    Dedicated Profit Network Only Members Workshop

Optional Workshop for all ticket holders

(Choose one):

Option 1:

Unlock Your Business Potential: Join Our Exclusive Business Growth Symposium

Led by Pet Vet:
This extensive program will give you a deep understanding of how to make your pet care business more profitable while increasing its value. You will discover how your business compares to others in the industry, what revenue streams you should focus on, and how to manage escalating labor costs. The Symposium has revolutionized many business owners' approaches to their businesses—brace yourself to catapult your business to the next level!

9 am - 5 pm


Option 2:

You Dream It. We Will Help You Plan It, Design it and Build it

Led by TWC

Are you looking to open a new facility, expand your business, or renovate but need help knowing where to start? Join our upcoming workshop, where we'll cover everything you need to know about the construction process, including planning, zoning, budgeting, timelines, and more. You will hear from industry-specific architects, designers, and construction experts who will prepare you for this process.

1 - 5 pm

6:30 - 8 pm VIP ticket holders and Profit Network Member Only Reception

Standard Ticket

  • 2 days of action-packed sessions on April 10 and 11
  • Optional pre-workshop session on April 9 (advanced registration required)
  • Includes keynote session on Nurturing Success by Amber Burkhalter
  • Includes all workshop education and breakout sessions
  • Networking Reception on April 10, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
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VIP Ticket

  • 2 days of action-packed sessions on April 10 and 11
  • Optional pre-workshop session on April 9 (advanced registration required)
  • Includes keynote session on Nurturing Success by Amber Burkhalter
  • Includes all workshop education and breakout sessions
  • Networking Reception on April 10, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • Special VIP Reception on April 9 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • Drink tickets to both receptions
  • Special seating close to the front of the room
  • Electricity at all VIP tables
  • Extra ticket for all prize drawings (lots of giveaways during the event)
  • Special gift from The Dog Gurus
  • First choice to attend limited space breakout sessions during workshop on April 10th

Location and Event Information

Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center

13200 East 14th Place

Aurora, Colorado 80011

(303) 365-1234

Reserve Room by March 8, 2024

The Dog Gurus 2024 Workshop will be held at the Hyatt regency aurora-Denver Conference Center. Reserve your room by March 8, 2024 to get special room rate (unless they sell out by then!!!)

Recommended Arrival and Departure times

VIP ticket holders:

Plan to arrive on Monday, April 8 to attend the pre-conference workshop.

The VIP Workshop will begin at 9:00am on Tuesday, April 9.

Regular ticket holders:

The workshop will begin at 8am on Wednesday April 10th.

All ticket holders:
We will end at 3:30pm on Thursday, April 11. You'll want to stay till the end!!!

Special Thanks to Our Workshop Sponsors and Supporters


Event Supporters

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